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El Ocaso

Every week tango dancers of all levels and all ages come to dance in a relaxed and welcoming social atmosphere. Great value is placed by the organisers on good quality dancable music, principally from the Golden Era of tango music. A good quality dance floor, lighting and audio equipment as well as a good bar also contribute to the wonderful experience that is El Ocaso.


James Bates and Frank Seifart

James Bates and Frank Seifart began enchanting tango event guests together with their music. This productive cooperation lead to many regular weekly and special events. Important milestones in this cooperation were the Tango Social Club and Cafe Dominguez.

In November 2012 „El Ocaso“ was created and the idea of a weekly milonga, where music from the Epoca de Oro is given prominent importance, became a reality. Quickly it developed into a well frequented milonga. In October 2013 weekly tango classes and a practica were added to the programme.


Serena Alvarado and Alonso Alvarez

Serena Alvarado was born in Germany, but grew up in Colombia, where she was deeply influenced by that country's musical expressiveness and diversity. She has been fascinated by Colombiajn Salsa since childhood. Later, after moving back to Hamburg in Germany, she immersed herself in tango, and met Alonso, with whom she has been dancing for more than two years. In 2015, Serena spent 5 months in Buenos Aires, where she intensified and deepened her knowledge of tango. She studied with Paola Sanz and Facundo de la Cruz, Clarisa Aragón and Jonathan Saavedra, Natalia Games and Gabriel Angio, Aurora Lubiz, among others. In Tango Salón, Serena is particularly fascinated by the many opportunities for common musical expression inside the embrace, as well by its social character.

Alonso Alvarez comes from Mexico City, where he grew up. As a child he learned and danced many dances from Mexican folklore. Dancing was a daily occurrence in his family. In Hamburg he began dancing Tango Salón with his first teacher Alejandro Sanguineti. In 2014 Alonso became German champion of Tango Salón, which allowed him to travel to Buenos Aires and takr part in the world championships 2014 for the first time. In Buenos Aires, he studied with Facundo de la Cruz & Paola Sanz, Ariel Manzanares & Antonella Sarago, Sebastián Achával & Roxana Suarez, Natalia Games & Gabriel Angio among others.


Frank Seifart

I started dancing tango in 1998. After my first steps with a determined and ambitious argentine teacher, my path, after some experimentation, ultimately led me back to traditional music. During my journey teachers such as Miguel Zotto, Carlos Perez, El "Chino" Perico, Francisco Forquera, Carolina Bonaventura, Fabian Peralta and Natacha Poberaj took me under their wing. Through them I developed a sense of aesthetics in tango dancing, which continues to bind and enchant me. Since 2003 I have been intensely focused on music, which allowed me to become a DJ and event organizer since 2005. After my 15-year as physical trainer, I have become a tango teacher since 2005, continuing my own further education in tango ever since, thus enabling me to a acquire a solid base for my work as teacher.

As a tango teacher, event organizer, and DJ I am positively possessed of my desire to bring my love for tango culture as close as possible to my students and guests.

James Bates

James has been around argentine tango since 1999 as a dancer, DJ and organizer. He toured extensively in Europe and Argentina and learned to dance with Sebastian Misse, Osvaldo Zotto, Geraldine Rojas, Joana Copes and Sebastian Achaval among others. Since 2003 he has become a well-established tango DJ. In his birthtown of Brussels, he built up a wide and varied repertoire while maintaining a solid quality base throughout. In Brussels, he founded and organized two succesful regular milongas ("Una Emocion", "Bien Pulenta"). In Berlin he now co-hosts Café Dominguez and El Ocaso. In addition he is a regular guest DJ in many milongas and tango balls throughout Europe (Köln, Düsseldorf, Mannheim, Hamburg, Geneva, Vienna, Bregenz, Paris, Prag, Warsaw, Łódź, Odessa, Lviv, Edinburgh, ...).


Monica Șuteu

I grew up in a musical family, where music was always present. I enjoyed an intesive musical education for many years, during which I first came into contact with tango. For quite a while, tango music accompanied me, before I started to learn to dance tango. Music continued to play a capital role even then. The richness and complexity of tango music, in particular that of the Edad de Oro, mesmerizes me, as a dancer as well as at the DJ controls.

The right tango music sends my directly to the dancefloor, where I surrender to the music. It fills me with emotion and joy, to notice on peoples' faces and in their dance that I can evoke the same spell with my selection.